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Contra Costa County Drops Costly Juvenile Record-Sealing FeeColorLines magazineMedley praised the change as an important way "we can create a brighter path for young people and make things accessible so they can have a fresh start." The juvenile record-sealing application fee is, however, just one of many fees that are levied ...

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
OP-ED: Too Many Obstacles for Californians Looking to Seal Juvenile RecordsJuvenile Justice Information ExchangeErica Webster 2 Juvenile record sealing is an integral part of the juvenile justice system's focus on rehabilitation. Having a juvenile record can limit a young person's ability to apply for a job, college and various state licenses, including the ...

Fox 32 Chicago
Report: Laws holding back juveniles with criminal recordsFox 32 ChicagoCommission recommendations include clarifying language on juvenile record sealing, adding a penalty to existing policies for sharing juvenile records with unauthorized people, expanding the state's automatic expungement policy and eliminating costly fees.and more »

ColorLines magazine
An Overdue Intro to Hollis Wong-Wear, the Grammy-Nominated Musician and Poet on a MissionColorLines magazineContra Costa County Drops Costly Juvenile Record-Sealing Fee · 5 Facts You Should Know About Bay Area Muslims · Background: Line drawings of fist, elevated train, buildings, and flowers. Text. Colorlines is a daily news site where race matters ...and more »

Struggle on the home front: Homelessness in the U-DistrictDailyuwCurrently, SYLAW works with the Juvenile Record Sealing Project. Prior criminal records are a huge obstacle facing youth when applying for jobs and educational opportunities, and this project runs clinics that help seal those records so youth can move ...

ColorLines magazine
Paying to Get Locked Up: The High Fees of Juvenile DetentionColorLines magazineContra Costa County Drops Costly Juvenile Record-Sealing Fee · Hundreds of Teens Behind Bars Report Sexual Assaults by Staffers · A Two-Minute Video Explains Why Jail Is Not the Answer for Youth Crime · Background: Line drawings of fist, elevated train ...

Iowa City Press Citizen
Local officials helping adults overcome juvenile pastsIowa City Press Citizen"Now more than ever, employers and colleges are conducting background checks," said Lynette Jacoby, Johnson County's social services director who is organizing the event and is a proponent of juvenile record sealing. "A lot of the them are looking for ...and more »

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