How Clearing Criminal Records Puts People to WorkCityLabIf you live in Kentucky and want to work on a farm, run an HVAC company, or interpret for the deaf community, you'd better not have a criminal record. Those professions and more than 100 others have licensing restrictions in the state based on a person ...

Gloucester Daily Times
State pressured to wipe away traces of old pot arrestsGloucester Daily TimesIn California, where voters in November legalized pot for recreational use, those convicted of certain offenses in the past may petition to expunge criminal records or reduce charges. Clearing records of past convictions, even in places where pot is ...and more »

Community urged to clear criminal recordsNews24“I first made an application to have my name cleared as I had a criminal record that was attached on my name since the days of apartheid. When I succeeded in clearing my name, I realised that it was crucial to start an organisation that will represent ...

The Colorado Independent
Greene: Mitch Morrissey leaves his fingerprintThe Colorado IndependentThe office has an uninterrupted record of clearing Denver's uniformed officers for fatal beatings and shootings committed on-duty. The city doesn't ... City brass also cited Booker's drug record and criminal record to blame Booker himself for deputies ...

The Daily Gazette
Youth crime pardons are just a startThe Daily GazetteThe pardons were granted only to individuals who had gone a full 10 years without being convicted of another crime and who had led productive lives during that time. The pardons, which clear the individuals of having an adult criminal record, can be ...

Bangkok Post
Wrongfully imprisoned teacher vows to fight for truth | Bangkok Post ...Bangkok PostA teacher wrongfully convicted and "buried alive in prison" is now waiting for justice, with the court set to finally clear her name on Monday.and more »
A day to expunge criminal records is hugely popular in PhillyPhilly.comMeghan Claiborne and John Coyle never imagined that the little volunteer project they decided to shepherd on behalf of the Young Lawyers Division of the ...and more »

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines
After traffic stop shooting in Cedar Rapids, growing chorus for changeThe Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and HeadlinesCEDAR RAPIDS — Three shots fired in the early Nov. 1 darkness left a black motorist paralyzed, a white police officer cleared of criminal wrongdoing and lingering questions not only over how the case was handled but how any similar shooting in the ...and more »

Cleared of violating Iran sanctions, man hopes for pardonFox News... for violating sanctions against Iran, but clearing his name is another matter. ADVERTISEMENT. Mahmoud Reza Banki says he feels like a second-class citizen as potential employers and banks look past his sterling resume and focus on his criminal record.and more »

Suspect in fatal shooting of officer has lengthy recordKATU(AP) — A suspect who is the focus of a manhunt following the fatal shooting of an Orlando police officer has a lengthy criminal record dating back two decades, and authorities had been searching for him in the weeks leading up to the sergeant's ...and more »

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